A More Beautiful Home Awaits You. Just submit your JOB and relax.

We believe that every home is capable of being a dream home, given enough love and commitment, of course. Don’t waste any more time or money figuring out who and how to do the job. Get in touch with one of the Handy man JOBBERS and take a look to what you have being missing.

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About Our Company

Welcome! We wanted to take a minute to introduce our business. In order to best serve you,  We have developed an APP where engineers, architects, technicians, plumbers, and a lot of ODD JOBBERS work diligently on all type of handyman projects.

We could go from profesional electric installation, to a ride on a flat bed truck, o just a walk for your Dogs.

Our team specializes in bringing value to you through solving everyday problems. Whether you have a leaky bathroom faucet or are considering hiring a private chef, we are here to help.

Simply download our BMOJ app, submit your technical skills to become a handy man jobber or submit your job to hire one.

Problems Solved.  

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Home Repair Services That Fit Your Needs

Exterior Repair

The exterior of the home is constantly under attack from the elements. Our team of specialists can help you spruce up the exterior of your home through cost-efficient and visually appealing home repairs.

Bedroom Remodeling

Explore decorative ideas and layouts for your bedrooms. We have an endless supply of design-inspiration for all varieties of bedrooms, from larger master bedrooms to smaller nurseries.

Interior Repair

Our indoor home repairs are designed to resolve electrical, plumbing, and cosmetic issues.

Customer Testimonials

Greg Harris

Trumbull, CT

“My home was a mess before they conducted all exterior home repairs. They fixed the gutters, repaired shutters, and even patched my roof!”

Cassie Spencer

Bridgeport, CT

“I never thought I would say it, but I absolutely love my bathroom! No more leaky sink, no more constantly clogging shower drain, and the new tile looks absolutely stunning.”

Jack Nance

Newington, CT

“The workers were courteous and friendly. They really made my kids and me feel comfortable in our home as they worked diligently to repair the roof after a winter storm”

Victoria Evans

Hartford, CT

“They worked efficiently and produced a high-quality garage repair job.”